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Whats New and Happening on Antique BottlesThe personal biography of Rod ComerTips, hints and digging locationsAll the terms used by antique bottle collectorsA showcase of other collectors top tenInsight information on the history of bottlesAll about the bottles, pots & potlids themselvesThe comparison of similiar looking bottles, is it rare or commonPublicationsProducts from days past

Antique Bottles is a South African run and maintained site for the purpose of supplying information on antique bottles and related items. This site strives to be a focal point for collectors, diggers and dealers both national and international; to swap information and buy and sell antique bottles.

It's more than a hobby ... it's a passion!

This site is graphic intensive to get the best quality to view pictures so please be patient, the wait will be worthwhile. As this site is still under constant development, suggestions are welcomed and can be e-mailed to
please... in all communications mention your country of origin.

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